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Meetings textiles.
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Nudist Beach Photos

Meetings textiles.

I've always been a friend of new experiences, meet people and I like different worlds to mine, so I have accepted the invitation of my partner to an event he only said: "I know you'll like." I knew nothing, except that we drove to the apartment of a man and that there would more people. When we arrived, we received a very nice man, I met another couple very pretty immediately and two more gentlemen. At that moment I knew that the reason for the meeting was to finalize preparations for a walk to be held next week, but that was a special outing was nudist. To my amazement and my partner, just opened my eyes because I felt great and wanted more information, so my "Senseye" as we say now Jorge proceeded to show us all the material about the group was presided over and philosophy of it. I reviewed journals, magazines, articles and many photos of places in the world where you can practice nudism naturally. In view of the good vibes that I transmitted, and my sympathy for the activity, I decided to attend. Live a fantastic experience, I was very happy, not only because I learned as a person, but by what we experience as a couple. Of course I wanted to repeat, and I have done since then. But then, I invite anyone interested, or the attendance. He was reluctant to write in the forum of the group. He had always fled to the Internet, and although I like meeting people, bothered me know by this method, preferred contacts in Live. That was until my partner had found the idea to make coffee and talk about and with whom he exchanged some emails. At first I accompanied him as his girlfriend, being with him and support him, but eventually I got involved with people, as some joined the group and began participating, becoming leaders who contributed ideas and time. I have lived very happy moments and, really, for me there have been friendships that I value. Other satisfied their curiosity, and left for a while and then return. Others told lies about their life and their partners and then disappeared. All this nice really sparked in me a very big commitment, I became really organizer. In fact, Sun and Simon are currently recognized in the group, among other things, because we are the makers of textiles meetings, and we have the support of many colleagues who are always present. At first the meetings were with one or two people, but eventually we came to be with fifteen new curious, nudist future. "It's my life motto that" everyone has what they deserve or you need to learn, "no more, no less. That's why I like to be the bridge for others to enter this group. I have found that many are looking, we're just their facilitators. I think that those who do not need or want it, just not in our way. No one lives or about experiences that had not been contemplated in his head, is my way of thinking. So I glad to bring new, to share with them and tell them what we do, because one day we will be one hundred friends in the nudist beaches of Tayrona, and yes that'll have fun!


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