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Olga and Sarah
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Nudist Beach Photos

Simple questions.

Why would we believe the concept of beauty more publicity than what we see when we are naked at in front of a mirror? Is it more natural beauty of the concept of the media or my mirror? Or more normal? Why a movie on family time, when you get a naked body hidden putting blur and do the same with a bloodied body by a bullet? Is it murder or natural naked body? Or is it normal? "We are teaching our children that is more normal and natural to the naked bloody murder? What about our seniors? Does anyone know the number of sexual crimes in the villages of "wild" naked like the Nukak Maku? Is it more natural rape or nudity? Or is it normal? When we see a (a) children will walk naked unsuspecting @ @, is the product of the natural or normal? And what happens when we see an adult? If part of the beauty of our natural and normal elderly @ s are their large ears, skin, gray hair and furrowed with wrinkles ... why we are ashamed of sagging breasts and testicles enlarged? Do not normal? Or are not natural? If you look natural and normal eyes, ears, hands, knees and tongues ... What's so unusual or unnatural breasts, vaginas, penises, testicles and buttocks? Who decided that part of the body ceases to be normal or natural? And who decides since when? Why is a nude art and another not? Could it be that natural or normal nudes are not art? Or is the commercial concept of beauty? Why is it that mass nude events as photographs of Spencer Tunick, naked people always shown smiling and happy? Is it because they feel natural? Or do you feel normal?


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