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Olga and Sarah
Olga and Sarah
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Enter a new group one woman naked.
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Nudist Beach Photos

Enter a new group one woman naked.

One of the women began to undress. It's now or never, I thought. The sun was perfect for a tan evenly, grass was free for us and there was no look that we could judge. Still I felt tickled my stomach, like when you go out on stage or speak in front of many people. Take off my clothes to less than ten people unraveled more adrenaline that all these things together and why he had done dozens of times with my partner. I would not undress in the backyard. I needed a private place as if I were to change clothes. It was ridiculous, so I ventured to follow my new friends, at that time only men to a room to leave the clothes more organized.
Enter the group
It was a difficult decision to enter a nudist group with no known company, as my partner, who will keep me safe if they were a group of sex maniacs, or that any man would like crossing the line. I think a woman is already vulnerable, but clothes do not present myself. I had many doubts and taboos that would not let me take the first step: that the purpose of the group are sexual, that all types are going to look me libidinous, who will judge my chubby and stretch marks ... none of that is true. Sure, there are several nudist groups and came across an honest. But no attempt was also risking losing my new knowledge could lead to a greater connection with my body. That was my gain, but the truth, each has a different experience, and so far, always positive.
The nude
My new friends were accustomed. They left their clothes easy. I took air, I threw off my clothes and went to the bathroom to give me a look. I wonder why he had not before been so aware of the intricacies of this body that I wear every day, not only was a risk that I see, but also look in the mirror ball. The women in the group are not models. I was relieved that they had streaks like me, her breasts were not large and tight (mine either), and that no matter sit 'properly' so that is not going to see any fat. "Chubs? Nope. These are beautiful curves. A while later I realized that I had also stripped of my doubts, my pain and the constant inquiry for myself.


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