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Olga and Sarah
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Nudist Yoga.
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Nudist Beach Photos

Middle nudists.

Vicky and I are a couple half nude: I am a nudist and she did not!
I've always said that the decision is personal experience nudist experiences. However, the first nudist experience with other people trying to Vicky and I together. We have had experiences nudist couple in secluded beaches, but not with others. I found a notice on a Web site, made contact and assist them. We meet at a residential complex with a group of men, Vicky was the only woman and ultimately she and I managed to undress, because we do not perceive an environment. A little over a year later, the group found Naturism Bogotá and was following the meetings and activities conducted online, until one day summoned to a meeting of Yoga. Vicky and I invited did not want to go, but saw with eyes that I attended just ... this is a gentle way of saying that he gave me permission! When I returned, the first thing I asked was about the attendance of women. My initial perception was jealous and did not know what to say. I really did not attend any woman, but I thought that if he said no, she could assume that he was lying to "calm" and if he said that if she would feel that he was telling the truth, although he was lying ... . Linda paradox! The truth was that after that experience personally decided to continue living the nudist and Vicky would always aware of my interests, in fact, never attended any activity behind them. This is not to say that nudists couples half right is that the couple did not know everything nudist couple nudist ago. Not I who determine right and wrong, because they are absolutely relative terms, as well as each pair has its own dynamics. At first, when returning from the meeting nudists, there were few comments from me and a few questions from her, but I have always felt very grateful and welcomed for their continued support. Little by little was asking more about the group, until he decided to go to a meeting textiles. In that first meeting him many questions, some regarding the relationship between parents nudist - nudist teens and eventually no one could answer him because it was not people with the expertise to do so. After that meeting I felt a bit more closed to the possibility of participating in nudism. However, he has attended the following meetings and textiles have seen more open with others in the group. Naturism While Bogotá has limited participation to individuals with partners or not, some people are more participatory and enthusiastic partners: Sol and Simon, Vivi and Caesar, Ingrid and Michelangelo, William and Lucy. They are all very different individuals and couples, but tod @ s ell @ s is seen a very high degree of communication, trust and complicity. Obviously it is not, no more missing, making comparisons, however it is appropriate to say that my relationship with Vicky also communication, trust and complicity about nudity has been, and she is not nude. When Vicky invite to participate in nudist events, I do, simply for the pleasure of sharing an activity with my partner I love. For some couples the men go to football on Sundays and do not share this activity with their wives. In other cases, wives accompany them to the stadium to share with them and do not enjoy much of the game. I invite my partner to share with me the things I like, such as theater. And when she invites me to things he likes to accompany soil. I do not expect to do nude Vicky, I have not asked. I asked him to accompany me to some activities and not undress, partly to see the environment we live as healthy, aware of the incredible people I've met in Bogotá Naturism and earn for themselves what I am not easy to transmit words. She personally decide if you want to experience naturism. I and your partner will be to support whatever decision because after all, NO is also a response.


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